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“Brad, for fourteen years I've been a whore for the advertising industry.
The only way I could save myself now is if I start firebombing.”
(Lester Burnham, AMERICAN BEAUTY)



Why do you even care?


Because you're my friend!


She's not your friend. She's somebody you use to feel better about


Go fuck yourself, psycho!"


“When I come up against someone like you, facing so many problems, all I can do is toss off platitudes to make me feel better, because the situation’s so hopeless I can’t handle being honest about it - not even to myself.”
“LISA: Oh, not right and fucking wrong again! I get so sick of that shit from you.
ANDREW: Can you stop with the …
lisa waits – there is no further help coming.
LISA: The fuck and the shit?
ANDREW: Yes. Not everyone has to live in an advertising think tank.
LISA: (INDIGNANT) Oh … Fine. (PERFECTLY PRONOUNCED) I will try to remember what a delicate flower of womanhood I am.”

“LISA: (CONT) That stuff’s really good.
COLE: It’s cancer bud.
she looks to him - what?
COLE: (CONT) The uni has a campus out near the home. They grow it for cancer research and we buy it off them.
LISA: (RAISING HER GLASS) God bless capitalism.”

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