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A well-known Romanian writer, Ioan Groşan, was offered a few days ago an important distinction by Ion Iliescu, our president. He refused it and said that he won’t accept anything from the president as long as the president hasn’t yet appologized to the Romanian people for what happened in June 1990 when the mine-workers came in Bucharest and beat up students, intelectuals, teachers. Everybody knows that the mine-workers were Iliescu’s people, but nobody seems to want to talk about it. It seems that people have been brain-washed or something like that, because there’s only few people who seem to remember those days of total panic, when if you had the bad luck to be on the streets and look like an intelectual they they beat you up so bad, they put you in hospital. One of the beating-criterias were glasses. This is a pretty good material for practicing Anna Deveare Smith’s techique, a bit late, though, as almost 13 years have passed. I was only 10 years old then, and I didn’t understand what happened. But I think the problem here as complex as the racial problem was in L.A., because revealing all the perspectives of all the sides implied in this- (the agressors, the victims and the men in the shadow who instigated the agressors to violence) would maybe get to a very sensitive problem of Romanian people- which is how easy we let ourselves be manipulated. A show made by using Anna D. Smith’s technique would be an act of combating manipulation.

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