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16 aprilie 2009


[Sarah is 23.]

Short frames:

A: So, how's your boyfriend?
S: I don't have a boyfriend.
A: How is that?
S: I don't know, i just don't have one.

B: How is Andrew doing?
S: I don't know, we havn't spoke in a while.
B: What do you mean?
S: We are not together anymore.
B: I can't believe it! You 2 seemed like..
S: I know, but.. c'est la vie.

C: This is Sarah, Andrew's girlfriend.
S: Actually not anymore. We are not together anymore.
C: Since when?
S: Well a few months's..
C: I'm so sorry, he hasn't mentioned anything to me..
S: He havn't spoke with anybody lately, but he has a new girlfriend and they're getting married.
C: No way.
S: Yes. And they know each other for 3 months. Isn't that cute?
C: And how are you?
S: I'm doing my things, and now i have time for many others..

(in the club, upon a wall, they are watching other people dancing)
Andrew: Excuse me, do you..have a boyfriend?
Sarah: Igh, nope. (pause, he is surprised he waits for her to tell something more but she doesn't) Do you have a girlfriend?
Andrew: No, i don't.
Sarah: Ok...
Andrew: Ok..

Betty: You should meet somebody; in your circle of friends you won't find anything; you need to meet new people. Let me take you out with some of my working colleagues and who knows?
Sarah: No.. No NO. I don't do that. A don't want blind dates, fixed dates and other...i'll just find someone. Alone.

Fade to going out with the people we mentioned before.
They go to bowling and then Tom offeres to bring Sarah home, with his car. He kisses her, they kind of make out in his car.

After a while..
Sarah: I just don't like him. The only thing i like about him is the way he kisses me, and i believe he is some kind of gipsy or something because he is very dark and he has really curious friends that do some illegal things so...
he is not tall
he is not smart.
aaaaaaand he wants to meet my parents! And i only know him for ONE WEEK! I mean what the fuck?! What the fuck is wrong with ... this...thing?!

Betty: do you still think of him?
Sarah: sometimes, when i'm really alone but.. he was the right guy, he and good looking and he loved me BUT he loved me too much.
Betty: so, you still think of him?
Sarah: only when i compare the men that i meet with him. i can't help doing that, it's terrible for me. but i do it. and i keep on doing it. it sucks..
Sarah (saying this to Betty)
OH MY GOD, i'm so in love! He is an artist, a painter.. I just met him last night and he is fucking perfect. We talked till 4 am in a club and we drank red wine and it was WOOW, i mean, he is ...he is just what i need. and now i'm waiting for him to call me. i hope he does. cause we kissed and we kissed and we talked and i really would like to start something with him.

(on the phone) Yes..hi honey, he is taking me to meet his mom, yeah, outside the city. I should probably introduce him to my parents, right? I don't know..i mean..i'll see. I know i know him for one month, but we've been toghether each day.

(in the park with Betty)
Sarah: I can't believe it, it's the sex, i mean he just can't finish. And while we are doing it he really needs to concentrate. And then his penis is small again. Pam pam. I really can't do it anymore. I don't wanna call him an impotent or something but really now, he makes me feel very unatractive. I mean come on.. And we are doing it in ONE position for 2 weeks: the misionary. What the fuck? And the thing is that his penis is reallly big, and i've had some orgasms, so he can do it, but he doesn't want to diversificate. It's like, i don't know what to do.

Betty: Leave him.

Sarah: I don't know, maybe i'll wait, cos he has such an energy

Betty: And he is such an impotent

Sarah: Oh, come happened a few times. maybe he is stressed up.

(other time with Betty)
My parents hate him.
they said that if i don't break up with him they would...i don't know...but it sounded really scandalous.

George and Sarah
S: : I know you since the first class, we can't do this, it's are my childhood friend.
G: But we could try, i've always liked you. did you know that when you were little me and other boys from the school followed you till home? to see where you live? And one day, i went there alone and i met your grandpa. And he said "What are you doing here?" And i said "I'm looking for Sarah" and he said: "Well sarah is not home now." and i ran away.
S: I can't believe you did that, oh my god, you are crazy. but i don't feel it's right, you have a girlfriend.
G: she is not from this town, we see each other once a month, come on..
S: well, we could do it, as an experiment, ok? or something. Like an experiment.
G: Ok.
S: Pfff..ok..
sex at his place.
sex in his car.

Off (voice)
SARAH: [therapy like]

i must be some kind of narcicist artist.
but i'm also o BOOM BOOM person, with enthousiasm and energy, i'm funny and most of my friends i hang out with guys. and they all wanna fuck me. except for the gay-ones. they all flirt with me, and i can see that, but i can't help it cos it's flattering. really. but know, all this shit has become a huge bullshit.

i've had my first boyfriend at kindergarden.
his name was alex. he had a really short hair. i stopped liking him when he kissed the tallest girl from our group - she looked like a model or something.

number 2: Andrew. he was my classmate and my deskmate. he had big blue eyes, with curly dark hair and he was the smartest boy from our classroom. me and him had the brightest results at math and literature and grammar. But one day my mum told me he was ugly. Actually i heard her talking on the phone with some friend, and she told her that Andrew was ugly and that he looked like a frog. Next day at school i looked at him and he really looked like a frog so i broke-up with him. (which i regreted several times) He vas a Virgo.

number 3: Brian. We were in the same classroom. He was really talented in math. I went out with him to make Andrew make up with me, which he didn't. I broke up with him when he tried to kiss me with the tangue and i looked at him and he was really grosse. He was a Capricorn.

number 4: Andrew. This was another Andrew from my class room that was so good in football. We argued a lot, and i absolutely adored that. My mom liked him because his mother was some medical nurse. And his father was very funny. She knew that from those meetings with parents and teachers. We were togeher for 4 times, i always broke up with him because...he became weak and puppy-dog. And i wanted him to remain boyish..and to keep on arguing with me..teasing me.. But when we were together he became romantic and weak and as i said, i didn't like that. So, i've had number 4 for 4 times in school.He was Taurus.

number 5: Highschool. Chris. He was great and smart and fucking rich. And very tall! (the tallest guy i've ever dated)And he loved me. At least that's what he said.He asked me to marry him when i was 15, but i refused. I broke up with him because i had no physical attraction. I don't know why, we didn.t have the chemistry. He tried to convince me to have sex but..nothing happened. Actually i broke up with him because i felt in love with Bob. He was a Scorpio.

number 6: I almost forgot about Bob because i only dated him 2 or 3 weeks. I met him in a camp, he was bigger than me. And we had some wonderful time there but when we got back to our life and friends i discovered that he was boring. So, i broke up with him and i tried to make up with Chris. But it didn't work. He was an Aquarius.

number 7: Sam was an painter. Really talented. Aquarius.But he smoked a lot of pot and he experimented all kinds of drugs. And my parents hated him. And we had some bad sex. Aquarius.

number 8: I don't wanna talk about Andrew that much. He was a singer, he was medium tall, and solid, with green eyes and beared. Capricorn. We had sex. A lot.

number 9: My childhood friend, George. It started like an experiment, he liked me since the 1st grade so..we fucked. 2 times. it was ok, but the way he was doing it was so similar to Andrew(8) that it was weird. Then we stopped doing sex but we continued to hang around, peck, hug and talk about all kind of things. He was a Leo.

number 10: Timothy. Scorpio.Tim was 3 years older than me, actually 4. He was brown haired, with brown eyes and had some amasing lips. And he had some artist-like preoccupations so i really really liked him. I really liked kissing him. We were together for a few months, I broke up with him because i stoped liking him. kind of weird.

so here we are now..
I met a guy. Andrew. Yep, another Andrew, what the fuck is wrong with me?


Appartement. 2 rooms. Sarah just woke up, she only has a towell on her body, she goes make some tea, while the tv is on vh1. she is dancing.
phone: Hello mister. Yes i just woke up. I know i'm gonna be late. I wanna kiss left so early. Did i? I don't remember kissing you this morning, i think i was dreaming or something. Hm..
Andrew: You're adorable. And funny, and you have a fantastic body.
Sarah: Oh come on, get back to work.
Andrew: ok, goodbye.
Sarah: good bye mister


someone knocks on the door. she openes. there's a girl with a luggage.
Sarah: Hello..?
Anna: Hey! (she lookes around confused) I'm looking for..Andrew?
Sarah: he is not here right now..he is working. Ihm.. Sorry, who are you?
Anna: Iigh, oh yeah, sure, i am Anna, his fiancee?
Sarah: Ou. Anna from Holland..?
Anna: Yes Anna from Holland, i didn't realise he wouldn't be home, i mean i was so anxious to see him, i didn't even tell him that i was coming. i wanted to make a surprise.
Sarah: did..
Anna: Can i come in..?
she comes in.
sarah is stressed out.

Anna: I wasn't expecting to find a woman here. i thought we waited for me.
Sarah: he did. He did wait for you half an year, 6 months, where the fuck were you? You said you're going back to Holland to take all your things and move here and you never said a word. And know what the fuck are you doing here after one year?
Anna: Don't get mad. I had some problems, i didn't want him to know. But now i solved them and..i didn't expected for you to be here.
Sarah: Ihg, do you love him?
Anna: Yes, of course.
Sarah: Cos i think he loves you too. Even though..
Anna: How do you know that?
Sarah: I asume. he, i mean.. he never told me, so i guess it was kept for you. actually you don't have a fault, but i kind of hate you. and there's nothing i can do about it. because for a long time, in my live, things were really working and i had plans, and you know, i never make plans but know that you're here and this shit will became a huge bullshit and i feel that somehow somewhere it was...[pause] It doesn't matter, If you wanna eat something there's the fridge, but you probably already know where the fridge is cause you lived here.

Sarah goes to take a shower. all of her movements are robotique. se washes her teeths repetitively, then she puts on her make up, a dress, she takes a big bag where she puts some underware, a deo-spray, her parfume, her make-up bag. And she leaves.
She gets into her car, she starts driving and she is just about to enter in a car with 2 little babies on board. She freaks out, apologize, she gets off the car and she takes a taxi to the train station.
she takes the train and stops in some town.
she just walks down the street. she closes her mobile phone.
she is just sitting.


Sarah: So?
Andrew: You wouldn't like me if you knew me.
Sarah: How is that?
Andrew: It doesn't matter.
Sarah: You always tell me nothing, you know? Nothing about your job, nothing about..we don't kiss in public we don't do anything in public.
it's just that i dont't understand. i could've have any man in that room that night, any man, and i chose you. i don't know why i did that, i really don't know. but i did choose you. and you keep on ignoring me and acting like nothing happened. i had 2 targets: 1. to kiss you, 2. to fuck you. And all of these two are done, so my mission in accomplished right now. I can handle your truth, you can call me and tell me that you wanna fuck or something. You dont't HAVE TO do anything. I don't need romance and roses and long walks. But just say something, stop being so indifferent.
Andrew: I really care about you.


That night, before you went to sleep you told me you didn't want a relationship. And then you felt asleep. You probably don't remember cause you were drunk. But i do. And i accepted it.
And then, the night we argued, your friend Robby came to me and said: Come meet my girlfriend.
And then he said: "Claire, this is Sarah, Andrew's girlfriend!"
Ou come on, how is that? How could i be your girfriend when we don't do what a couple is supposed to do?
i just don't get it anymore.
and you are not 18 anymore. you are not 20. not even 23.
you are 26. just think about this.


you called her.
you miss her.
i can handle things around here, but i can't handle your things. from your mind.
you don't know what you want. you really don't.
and i am tired.
of waiting.
and the thing is you know nothing about me; if i dissappear tommorrow you have no idea where to find me. you don't know my friends, you don't know my favorite places.
and you don't have any idea what i've been through till now. and i won't tell you.
but you have no idea
no idea at all...
you only know tha brighside..the me being fabulous, happy and dynamic and creative and jumpy and smiling and optimistic.
because that's what i wanted you to know.
the truth is so fucking far far far away and you just have no idea.